At LOFS we follow principles in order to ensure we are a business with a conscience. For this we faithfully follow 5 commandments:


1. Labor

We are proud to manufacture LOFS ARENA in Spain, in a small workshop in the Alicante province. We chose this region for our desire to offer products of high quality and with an authentic Mediterranean seal, and where we can ensure the optimal working conditions and finished product.

2. Zero Stock

A cleaner way to produce that lessons the negative impact on the environment is one that is not manufactured. For this we have developed a controlled production model, making an exclusive product in limited quantities that we put on sale quickly for immediate purchase

3. Local development

At LOFS we firmly believe in local development, so we buy our materials in the Mediterranean area, promoting the local economy, generating quality jobs and reviving traditional industry.

4. Fair trade

Each of the components used to manufacture LOFS have been purchased directly from the original manufacturers in the Mediterranean area, who receive a fair pay for their work. We do not use materials suspected of human rights violations in their manufacture.

5. Our cause

LOFS is based and taxed in Spain due to our commitment to providing wealth to working people in the country. However, we are aware that taxes collected in Spain does not always benefit those in need, so we have our own cause that we call “LOFS´IMPULSE”.