At LOFS we wouldn´t feel complete without contributing to causes that we believe in. While we´re aware that cannot solve these concerns ourselves, we make a contribution toward a more sustainable world with our humble grain of sand.

The financial crisis, caused by the greed of certain members of society, has had a real and detrimental effect on the lives of people completely unrelated to the financial sector. People who in many cases have lost their savings and find themselves in a time of need.

The work to be done is enormous, but we are convinced that it is possible if we all do our part, and believe that companies can –and should- contribute to it. It´s a question of will.

For this we have created LOFS´ IMPULSE, an institution to which we allocate 1% of LOFS SHOES, SL billing, and which is donated to the fight against cancer, an illness that affects millions of people in the world. Although treatment and cures have improved ostensibly, it requires as much resource as we can provide to fight it. For more information or if you want to contribute personally to help combat this disease, you can do so by donating to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer).: